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Airbrush neckties are unique that every one is slightly different from the last one many RokGear airbrush designs are repeatable for matching ties, some designs are one of a kind works of art.
All airbrushed neckties and bow ties start as one solid color tie, all stripes and designs are airbrushed on the tie, necktie colors can be custom selected, ink colors for the stripes can be custom selected, team colors, school colors, wedding color or just our favorite colors, neckties shown are just a few of the many colors available.
Need a different color not shown here ? feel free to contact me 
              Double wide stripe
Double wide stripes divided by a thinner pin stripe the stripes cover the necktie from the tip to knot when tied the knot remains the solid color of the necktie.
Orange necktie, skull stripes are blue shaded purple divided by thinner black pin stripes
Hot Pink necktie, skull stripes are gray shaded black divided by thinner black pin stripes
Yellow necktie, skull stripes are fuchsia shaded deep red  divided by thinner black pin stripes
 (Above) Fuchsia necktie skull stripes in purple
        Collegiate skull stripe 
Equal spaced striped as shown Hot Lime solid color necktie with purple airbrushed stripes, features about 100 individual airbrushed skulls making eleven purple stripes the design covers the necktie from the tip of the tie to the knot leaving the knot the solid color of the tie, this design can be repeated to create a matching set of neckties however every skull being individually airbrushed each necktie is uniquely different

Matching wedding set including a Boy's pre tied clip perfect wedding set, great father & son tie set

can be airbrushed to order in many different colors of stripes of any of the 50+ necktie colors we offer, custom airbrushed in your wedding colors, school colors, team colors. 
Stripes stop just at the knot leaving the knot the solid color of the necktie
Available in 100% silk neckties, Microfiber neckties, Skinny neckties, Boy's neckties all sizes all colors. 
Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have on order and pricing details. 
Great ties great price fashion with a statement
Neckties are available in 100% silk or microfiber, our microfiber neckties are a great durable every day wear necktie made of soft silk like microfiber blended materials with an elegant satin finish great for every day and due to the wide variety of colors perfect for any special occasion, 100% silk neckties have a soft satin sheen finish 
All RokGear designs are original hand drawn art work each necktie is hand silk screened one at a time using the finest earth friendly water base inks 
Dedicated Green
Eco friendly water base printing system all silk screening & airbrushing ink is 100% solvent free lead free environmentally friendly

To ensure quality and provide every customer with satisfaction RokGear does not wholesale, if you purchase a RokGear product it is purchased directly from our Burbank Studio, custom color orders are handled one on one between the customer and the artist, neckties can be purchased online at Etsy. 
What is Etsy ?
Etsy is a social commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items as well as art and craft supplies a simple sign up featuring safe secure check outs accepting any form of payment PayPal allows, for alternative ordering and payment please do not hesitate to contact us for more details!


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