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Tribal Cherry
Tribal Cherry Blossom a new design for Spring 2010 pencil to paper to print this is a 3 color hand silk screened design displaying the elegant features of a Japanese Cherry blossom twisting in the tribal style branches. (print covers about 11 inches)

Microfiber $25.00 each

100% Silk $30.00 each

Champagne & Peacock Blue Microfiber neckties (shown), Print is done in Black,Yellow & Fuchsia ink  
Available in over 50 different color(s) of neckties to select from.
 Sizes range from toddler to extra long adult 
Microfiber, Standard, Narrow, Clip on, 100% Silk. 
Can be printed in as many as 3 colors, Although the branch should always remain black the flower's can be printed in just about any color of ink. Another way we can match your wedding colors. 
100% Silk Crimson Necktie
1 of 1 custom hand detailed necktie, we can always detail a print by hand brush and or air brushing here we have taken the Tribal Cherry print silk screened in Black,White & Yellow ink, then we hand brushed and air brushed the detail into the flowers bringing then to life, being hand detailed it has it's own unique features making it a one of a kind necktie. 


Golf necktie silver and black, father son

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